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President of the Board 

Jenn has a degree in Early Care and Education and is an active member of the American Forest Kindergarten Association. Her passion for both SEL and the great outdoors guided her towards the forest school pedagogy.  Jenn founded Wild Tykes in 2019 to provide opportunities for all children to freely explore local wild spaces. She has a vision of Wild Tykes someday operating as Missouri's first 100% outdoor forest school. 



Secretary of the Board

Rachel has a degree in Child Development and a love of the forest.  She believes in the importance of children and adults alike fostering a relationship with their natural surroundings. Rachel loves to support children as they face natural challenges and problem solve their way though wild spaces.  In addition to being Secretary of the board, Rachel is also a volunteer educator for Wild Tykes events. 



Treasurer of the Board 

Courtney has a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on management.  She currently works in financial services and is excited to share her expertise with us. While Courtney is new to the field of education, she has always loved camping and being outdoors. With this new position, she is eager to learn more about forest school and all that it entails. 



Volunteer Educator 

Meghan has a degree in education and has a passion for kids of trauma. She hopes to find ways of integrating nature with recovery.

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