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Dressing for the Changing Weather

Missouri's fall weather makes dressing young children a challenge. Mornings are chilly and as the day progresses, warmer weather emerges. During this time, layers are your best friend! Let me explain.


Hats and jackets with hoods are both easy to remove as children begin to warm up. Ears are often something we forget about keeping covered during that early morning wind.


Warm jacket, sweatshirt, or hoodie with a T-shirt underneath makes shedding for warmer weather easier. As children get hot, they are able to take off their jacket without having to go inside and change.


Fingers are another thing children complain about being cold. Cozy gloves or mittens keep fingers toasty while playing. Don't forget to attach them with clips or a string to help your little keep track of them.


Pants are a tricky one, but there are a couple of options. Zip off pants are my favorite! They start their day wearing pants, and then ZIP! Shorts! Unfortunately these are harder to find, more expensive, and you run the risk of loosing the leg pieces. Another good option is pants over shorts. To ensure your child's comfort, you may need to test out a variety of pairs to see what keeps them warm without being too bunchy. Lastly, those cold early mornings may even need some snowpants for added insulation. (just remember to do a potty try before bundling up in those snowpants😉)


Socks and close toed shoes are great for the entire day. Sorry to say, but sandal season is officially over.

Let us know your tips and tricks for fall gear and how you keep up with it's constant weather changes.

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